Better This Year

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B9322209316Z.1_20160523095042_000_G17EDFV3G.1-0Have you ever had a book change your life? “Younger Next Year for Women” did that for me.

In this book, authors Chris Crowley and Dr. Henry Lodge use scientific data to entice us to live the rest of our lives biologically younger and emotionally happier. “Decay is optional,” the authors write, if you choose to grow instead of to decay. Using six rules, they explain how you can “stay young until you die.”

What do I think would make us all better this year in both our professional lives and our personal lives based on this information? Volunteer. Join a club. Start a club. Visit regularly with family and friends. Choose growth over decay. You’ll be younger – and better – this year, in all areas of your life.

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Cindy Bishop is a lawyer and Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator working in Brevard County.