The Edge: Network Your Way to Success

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By Jennifer Sugarman (This Column Ran on 11/12/2007) Oh no, it’s another one of “those” articles – about how networking is important. I can hear your collective sighs and visualize your eye rolls from here! But what if I told you that your business could experience an increase in revenue without spending a dime? OK, maybe a few dimes … Read More

Board Games: Access, Activity, Advocacy

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By Anne Conroy-Baiter (This Column Ran on 11/5/2017) Fun Fact: There are more than 2,100 nonprofits in Brevard County. 2,100! ( Given those numbers, the odds are fairly high that many Brevardians will have the opportunity to serve on a nonprofit board at some point. Board service can be one of the most rewarding things a person can do—helping … Read More

From Locker Room to Boardroom: 5 Sports Lessons That Help Me Succeed in My Career

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By Madison Conradis (This article ran on 10/30/2017) When my parents first signed me up for Little League baseball, I do not think they fully grasped how those experiences would help me succeed later in life. Growing up I played as many sports as I could possibly sign up for. My athletic priorities shifted from trying everything under the … Read More

Exasperating Tenacity, Constant Learning and 21st Century Leadership

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(This column was published on 10/21/17) By Beth Gitlin “If you aren’t actively trying to learn, no one can help you. If you make it central to your professional life, no one can stop you.” – Ann Dwane, Co-founder and Partner, Village Global. When I was a global sourcing director at Wal-Mart 20 years ago, I was THAT associate … Read More

The Importance of Shopping Small, Shopping Local

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By Bobbi Whitmore From FLORIDA TODAY – October 15, 2017 Growing up in a small town in South Dakota, we had a vibrant Main Street. The community took pride in supporting the local small businesses (they were all mom and pop shops), I know because I worked at one of the handful of boutiques on that main street. Things are … Read More

Stop, and Step Away from the Business!

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Stop, and Step Away from the Business! By Laura Chiesman (Ran 10/9/2017 on Business owners, and other Type A leaders, tend to accumulate multiple areas of responsibility leading to high levels of activity. We are busy! I think this springs from our focus on growth, and vision of sharing our solutions and passions with more and more people. There’s … Read More

The EDGE: Work Life Balance – Myth or Attainable?

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By Tracy Stroderd (The following column ran in on Tuesday, October 3, 2017.) Work-life balance is different for all of us and can seem impossible at times. The lines between work time and personal time are often blurred. In an age where flexible work schedules, self-employment and contracting positions are more the norm, the distinction between the two is … Read More

The EDGE: Transitioning from the military to the business world

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By Karen Gregory (Published in FLORIDA TODAY Sept. 25, 2017) I was recently delivering a “Boots to the Boardroom” presentation about my leadership transition as a military leader to my current position as a President and CEO of my own consulting firm. It required that I reflect on my experiences in the military and how I have used that knowledge, … Read More

The Edge: Help is Available When You’re Your Own Boss

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By Carol Drake Wheatley Published in FLORIDA TODAY ON Sept. 18, 2017 There he sat, smoking a cigarette and practically yelling about not wanting to work for anyone anymore; about wanting to make his own rules; about how much easier his life would be if he just owned his own business and was his own boss! That does seem to … Read More

In Business: Get Out of Your Own Way!

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In business, part of what keeps us from achieving all that we are capable of is a cycle of negative self talk that I think we learn from going through various challenges in life. When we feel like we haven’t reached a goal fast enough, or succeeded in the way that we define “success” for ourselves, our minds start telling … Read More