FLORIDA TODAY EDGE BLOG: Workplace Gender Gap & How to Communicate

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It’s not uncommon these days that CEOs and leadership are of the millennial generation. As we know and continue to read, millennials communicate with each other and the world in a completely different way than the rest of us, and they are quite particular about the type of communication used. This should not be a hurdle that stands in either party’s way, … Read More

FLORIDA TODAY EDGE BLOG: Competition Prepares You For Business

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There are many things in life that can prepare you for future business endeavors. You don’t necessarily have to be sitting in a classroom or taking a seminar to learn about being a successful, well-rounded entrepreneur. Pay attention to experiences throughout your life, as they will shape you. In this week’s weVENTURE FLORIDA TODAY EDGE column I discuss how participating in sports … Read More

Guest Blog: Encouraging Women to Run for Office is a First, Important Step

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By Kathryn Rudloff I recently wrote a weVENTURE EDGE column on the importance of women being engaged in the political process. In that, I noted that women remain underrepresented in percentage of campaign donations, in the professional lobbying corps, and at all levels of elected office. Since that column ran, I have been asked, “How are we doing here in Brevard?” … Read More

FLORIDA TODAY EDGE BLOG: The Most Important Question When Crafting a Business Plan, Why?

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 Every entrepreneur who is in the process of drafting their business plan must ask themselves, “why?” If you don’t, then what is your differentiating factor and the purpose of your plan? Although business plans are a formality, they should not be treated as just that. Add personality and your passion to your plan, it will set it apart from the millions … Read More

FLORIDA TODAY EDGE BLOG: The Value of Joining Professionals Organizations

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Do you see the value in participating in various professional organizations? Most of us just can’t find the time, although it is more valuable and important than you may think. Membership and participation in professional organizations can enhance your career. Most employers are very supportive of their team members being a part of professional organizations because it teaches and demonstrates leadership, … Read More

FLORIDA TODAY EDGE BLOG: Women in History Who Paved the Way for Independence

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As we celebrate Independence Day, we also reflect on those women in history who were game-changers for those of us in business today. Throughout the years, there have been revolutionary women who led the way for equality in the workplace and in society as a whole. Could you see yourself as one of these women in history? Where would you … Read More

FLORIDA TODAY EDGE BLOG: Did You Celebrate National Employee Wellbeing Month?

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June is National Employee Wellbeing Month. Did you know that there is a direct correlation between employee morale and job performance? In addition to wanting your employees to be happy in their positions, this month gives you a good reason to focus on their overall health and wellbeing. This week’s weVENTURE FLORIDA TODAY EDGE columnist Kristin Woodling is a weVENTURE IGNITE 360 … Read More

The Link Between a Work Culture and Performance

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Recent headlines of new company relocations, existing company expansions, and the continued decline of our local unemployment rate, all represent big “wins” and great news for our county. While indeed good news, these positive business trends also create a challenge for business owners and managers. That challenge is how to find, hire, and keep top talent. One critical factor for … Read More

FLORIDA TODAY EDGE BLOG: Negotiating Your Way to a Deal

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Many of us find negotiations intimidating and awkward, but it doesn’t have to be that way. When you negotiate, it is important to know your audience. You know what your end goal is, but do you know theirs? Research and transparency are two key components to being a good negotiator. Research prepares you and gives you a bit of a … Read More

FLORIDA TODAY EDGE Blog: Making the Most of Industry Conferences

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Many of us are obligated to go to a few conferences a year, but do we make the most of them? Conferences can be cumbersome and may not always directly correlate with your workplace responsibilities. However, there are other objectives you can pursue while at a conference. Don’t forget, networking can often be even more powerful than the knowledge you … Read More