FLORIDA TODAY EDGE BLOG: Did You Celebrate National Employee Wellbeing Month?

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June is National Employee Wellbeing Month. Did you know that there is a direct correlation between employee morale and job performance? In addition to wanting your employees to be happy in their positions, this month gives you a good reason to focus on their overall health and wellbeing. This week’s weVENTURE FLORIDA TODAY EDGE columnist Kristin Woodling is a weVENTURE IGNITE 360 … Read More

The Link Between a Work Culture and Performance

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Recent headlines of new company relocations, existing company expansions, and the continued decline of our local unemployment rate, all represent big “wins” and great news for our county. While indeed good news, these positive business trends also create a challenge for business owners and managers. That challenge is how to find, hire, and keep top talent. One critical factor for … Read More

FLORIDA TODAY EDGE BLOG: Negotiating Your Way to a Deal

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Many of us find negotiations intimidating and awkward, but it doesn’t have to be that way. When you negotiate, it is important to know your audience. You know what your end goal is, but do you know theirs? Research and transparency are two key components to being a good negotiator. Research prepares you and gives you a bit of a … Read More

FLORIDA TODAY EDGE Blog: Making the Most of Industry Conferences

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Many of us are obligated to go to a few conferences a year, but do we make the most of them? Conferences can be cumbersome and may not always directly correlate with your workplace responsibilities. However, there are other objectives you can pursue while at a conference. Don’t forget, networking can often be even more powerful than the knowledge you … Read More

FLORIDA TODAY EDGE Blog: Rejoining the Workforce, Stay Relevant While Taking Time Off

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It is common for women or men to take some time off from their careers, whether it be for personal or family matters. That decision can result in stress when it’s time to rejoin the workforce. Many worry about having to take a few steps backward in their career to get back into the swing of things. Regardless of why you … Read More

Competitive Women in the Workplace

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  I was sitting amongst a group of local female leaders recently having a glass of wine and chatting about issues that affect us in our own businesses on a regular basis. The topic of women competing in the workplace came up, and memories of just about every corporate position I’ve ever held started flashing before my eyes. I used … Read More