Roundtable: Biz Byte – Google Tools

Interested in becoming a client of weVENTURE a power-packed, resource-rich center? RSVP for this short orientation, which includes an expert-led Biz Byte discussion that differs each month and are focused on helping you make more informed business and technology decisions for your business.

Services are offered by Florida Institute of Technology & the SBA, and our generous sponsors, advisors and mentors, at no cost to you.


  • Maximize the number of women who successfully innovate and grow their companies across all industries
  • Teach all women to leverage technology so they can actively participate in the technology boom unto the economic benefit of all
  • Inspire and equip girls and young women to consider futures in entrepreneurship or science and technology

Orientations are no cost, group training sessions on how to become a weVENTURE client, followed by a round table Biz Byte discussion led by a subject matter expert on a very specific business development or technology topic.

Biz Byte Topic: Google Tools

Monday 7th March

5:00PM - 6:30PM

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