Roundtable: Biz Byte – Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs

Orientations are no cost, group training sessions on how to become a weVENTURE client, followed by a round table Biz Byte discussion led by a subject matter expert on a very specific business development or technology topic.

This Biz Byte will be lead by Jenna Buehler and Yash Mehta

Jenna     Yash

  • Social Media for the Anti-Social: Hootsuite manages everything insta/twitter/FB.
  • Mobilize & Collaborate: Google Apps, Google Live Broadcast, and Mailchimp
  • Task Management Redefined: Two apps that change the game include Slack and Asana.
  • Bonus: Developing your own app just got easier. Yash Mehta breaks down what free and custom (paid) resources exist to create your own company app built today.


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Wednesday 6th April

2:00PM - 3:30PM

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