Networking: SCSW – Lead, Follow, and Lead Again: What kind of leader do you want to be?


Beth Gitlin, Executive Director, weVENTURE and Team Captain, Heart & Soul Dragonboat Team


What kind of leader do you want to be in the 21st Century?

Beth will use the art of storytelling to introduce you to a few of the 8 principles of the Athena Leadership Model and why they are important and powerful for 21st century women leaders.  These principles include:  live authentically, learn constantly, advocate fiercely, act courageously, foster collaboration, build relationships, give back and celebrate. Beth's curiosity to live authentically and learn constantly has led her to develop a passion for dragon boating, an ancient Chinese sport that has developed into a modern 20 person team paddling sport in which athletes of all ages are welcome to compete locally, nationally and internationally.  Since the launch and growth of her local team - Heart and Soul - she has been able to witness firsthand how the 8 principles of the Athena Leadership Model have affected her life and those of the women and men that have passionately made a difference for the team.  You will leave this session inspired.

Join Beth as she uses the art of storytelling to:

*  introduce 8 powerful principles of leadership for 21st Century women

*  show ways of developing authentic leadership

*  understand the path to leadership

PLEASE NOTE:  This event will take place in Room 244, 2nd Floor, Florida Tech/Harris Commons Building, 3011 S. Babcock St, Melbourne



Thursday 28th July

8:00AM - 10:00AM

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