FLORIDA TODAY EDGE Blog: Innovate from Within, Provide Incentives and Reward Solutions

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scottie-winslow_picHow do you promote innovation while trying to manage the day-to-day operations necessary to run your business? There are many ways to create a culture of innovation, including building diverse teams, not punishing failure, promoting collaboration and leading the charge.

You need a diverse team in terms of traits you are born with and traits acquired through experience. You should also promote creativity, allowing your teams to try new ideas without fear of punishment. Promote collaboration and problem solving and possibly most importantly, be sure to have an entrepreneurial attitude and support your team’s efforts.

Innovation is not just about creating the next new app or widget. It is about continually improving the way you do business and finding new ways to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive global economy.

I have a few other tips for those of you that would like to learn more. Read my column in this week’s FLORIDA TODAY Business Section.

This is an excerpt from this week’s weVENTURE  FLORIDA TODAY EDGE column authored by vice president of Optum Consulting, a division of United Health Group, Scottie Davis Winslow.