FLORIDA TODAY EDGE Blog: The Importance of Public Speaking

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636049727446743502-BethGitlinLatestWhether you’re speaking at a regularly scheduled staff meeting, presenting a new idea to the board, or pitching a new client, the ability to stand in front of a group of people, small or large, and accurately explain your ideas, is a vital skill in today’s business environment.

The true power of good public speaking comes in it’s ability to inform and motivate the listener. A great public speaker influences the emotions of their audience, and thereby influences their actions. When used appropriately, this ability can also be leveraged as a tool to grow your business.

This week’s weVENTURE FLORIDA TODAY EDGE column is brought to you by Strategic Ink Public Relations Owner and Chief Strategist Tina Lange, APR. In it, Tina gives us some great tips on how to properly utilize public speaking as a growth tool for your business. Check out the full article HERE.