FLORIDA TODAY EDGE Blog: The Power of Collaboration

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636049727446743502-BethGitlinLatest“Two heads are better than one.”

I know the old maxims are cliche, but they stick with us for hundreds of years for a reason; because they tend to be true. But not always in the the way we’re expecting.

One of the unexpected benefits of collaborating with others is self awareness. Collaboration brings to light what each team member’s strengths and weaknesses are. Then, it’s up to the group to ensure that your skills, and the skills of others, are leveraged effectively to reach your goal.

This week’s weVENTURE FLORIDA TODAY EDGE column is brought to you by Melbourne Main Street Executive Director Jarin Eisenberg. In it, Jarin shares her experience collaborating with others to solve the issue of vagrancy in the Downtown Melbourne area. Check out the full article HERE.