FLORIDA TODAY EDGE Blog: Understanding Women’s Needs in the Workplace

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Jennifer Sugarman, President and CEO, Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Jennifer Sugarman, President and CEO, Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce.

The millennial woman seeks a work/life balance that is not uncommon from those that came before us, we just happen to be more vocal about these needs. I don’t feel like this is necessarily a feeling of wanting to “have it all” as it is an ability to focus on the things that matter most to us. In the days of old it was widely considered a woman’s place to be at home and raise the family while their gentleman caller was out bringing home the bacon…

So how can our business community not only leverage what women seek in the workplace but also nourish our talents to assist us in becoming the best version of ourselves (ultimately benefiting your organization’s productivity)? Two words come to mind: be flexible.

Women are creatures that excel in the world of multitasking, so use that as an advantage! So much can be accomplished from home or on the road nowadays, and organizations should embrace that change versus consider it a weakness.

Ultimately, if an employer is willing to be flexible, play to a woman’s strengths, tap into her ability to multitask with ease and provide her with the freedom to work in a manner that best suits her definition of success, not only will she become her best professional self for you and your team, but your business will flourish.

Jennifer Sugarman is the President & CEO of the Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce, which serves as the voice of business, enhances quality of life in the community and acts as a catalyst for business success.

This is an excerpt from this week’s weVENTURE  Florida Today EDGE column authored by Cocoa Beach Chamber of Commerce President Jennifer Sugarman. For the full article please click here.