It Is 2017, Women Have Options!

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madison_conradis_3845-1-1The hustle and bustle from the holiday season is finally over and we all survived yet another year of turkey, presents, and awkward family questions that feel more like interrogations and passive aggressive statements about whether or not you have hit life’s benchmarks.

The constant questions about “real” jobs, kids, marriage and “settling down” seem to be the topics of discussion when measuring a woman’s success, especially at family functions.

As I got older, any time I walked into a Christmas family gathering, I feel like I actually time-traveled back to the 1950’s. It’s 2017, people! Women have choices now. There is not one simple life track we must take and the beauty of it is that we get to choose what we think is best for us.

We are all responsible for our own life choices. So no more comparing lives and careers. It is 2017 and we as women have choices. Let’s agree to take charge of our lives and whatever you choose in life is a perfect choice for you.

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Madison Conradis is the Marketing Director of Your Logo by Geiger in Melbourne and is currently the President of the Space Coast American Advertising Federation. Twitter: @MConradis