Leaders, Experts and Innovators Aren’t Born, They’re Mentored

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b9325031898z-1_20161204094345_000_g51gjk7cl-1-0How do young college graduates entering the workforce, professionals in transition or retirees looking for their “encore” career get a leg up on the competition? 

It takes experience, foresight and confidence —and you don’t get any of these on your own until you have gone through the development process and have become a proven commodity.

Mentors could be the answer. 

No matter if you’re a new graduate, an executive, an entrepreneur or a senior citizen, mentoring is one of the most efficient ways to develop personally and professionally, since you have access to proven experience, hindsight, referrals and applied learning – the most effective way to build skills — and through skills, confidence.

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Jeannette Kraar is president/CEO of Performance Management International, a highly acclaimed business consultant, trainer, speaker and author. Twitter: @jkraar