Navigating Through a Sea of Leadership Feedback

Posted by on Monday, December 19th, 2016 and is filed under .

636173181127995053-jarin1This year has been the most professionally exciting year of my life – which is probably why it has also been the most challenging. Like most executive directors or individuals in leadership positions, I receive a lot of feedback. Learning how to successfully navigate that feedback, both personally and professionally is a task I am still learning to master. The most common advice it seems executives receive is to “not take it personally,” and to learn how to sort fact from opinion. All great advice, and certainly applicable, but easier said than done.

The urge is to respond to each and every individual who provides feedback, especially negative feedback, and defend yourself and your decisions. I have learned that this doesn’t help, nor does it make you feel better. Stay focused on the bigger picture.

In this week’s FLORIDA TODAY Business section I discuss what I have learned about responding to feedback and how to focus on the bigger picture. To read my column, click here.

Jarin R. Eisenberg is the executive director of Melbourne Main Street.