Strategic Networking

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Scottie Winslow_picJust the other day, after leveraging a key contact to land a prime business opportunity, a friend posted on her Facebook, “Your network determines your net worth.” We all know the importance of networking in growing our brand, companies, and careers. For those of us who are introverts, the thought of actively networking can be daunting if not overwhelming.

However, just like anything else in life, a little planning can make it a lot more manageable. Set goals, network online, attend strategically, be involved. These are just a few ways to to make networking easier and  more effective.

Networking does not have to be difficult. Nor does it require you to immerse yourself in large crowds if that’s not your thing. Being an introvert does not necessarily limit your ability to network. It does, however, require you to understand your personal networking style and also to be more thoughtful in how you make connections to create your network.

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Scottie Davis Winslow is vice president of Optum Consulting, a division of United Health Group.