Why You NEED a Vacation

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dsc_4403I was sitting at my desk pondering a topic for this week’s weVENTURE EDGE article, watching the dolphins frolicking in the bay, and I was reminded how important it is to relax, unwind and take time off. I believe vacations energize the soul, educate the mind and expand one’s horizons.

Clichés to be sure, but so true. Those who know me always ask me where I am going next (South Africa.) I am a firm believer that vacations are a must.

I thought of the reasons why people don’t take vacations and came up with the following. They feel they are too important or integral to the company to leave; It is too much work before and after a vacation to catch up; People worry that someone else can replace them; They don’t have the money; They don’t take the time to schedule time off into their calendar; It is more difficult the higher you rise in a company; They want to show dedication to the company and; They feel that no one else can do their job.

The best answer to changing this trend? Planning.

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Nancy Peltonen is president and CEO of the Greater Palm Bay Chamber of Commerce.